I have been so busy with school work + has been a crazy year for me for the past few months and so I haven’t been able to update my blog as much as I wanted to. Since then, I have been discovering books and adding them to my TBR pile and have been piling them more and more(and never reading any of them… lol) and so I felt sorry for my blog and decided to post this update. 

One of the books I had come across was a book that I had seen a while ago and that was The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco. 

(The cover looks so gorgeous!) 

The summary is as follows: 

A bard meets a young girl living in exile along a sea of skulls. At his urging, she recounts her beginnings and rise in a society of spellbinders called asha. As a bone witch, her powers of necromancy make her feared and shunned by the populace, but tolerated for her abilities to slay daeva – fearsome beasts that plague the kingdoms.  But there is more to the girl than she first appears. Soon the bard begins to suspect that there is more to her tale than what she claims, and that he has a far greater role to play in her story than even he realizes. (Official Website) 

I have read the author’s first novel, The Girl From the Well and although I have not read the sequel to it(which I will once I reread the first one), I seriously can’t wait to dive into this one! The book doesn’t come out until March 7th, 2017 but I can’t wait! 

And that cover!! :O 😀

Update: The school semester has just started so I might not have that much time on my hands but hopefully I’ll be able to read some of these books in my TBR 😀 #somuchtodo