I was looking for a book to read and came across this one. Or particularly the prequel novella No Place Like Oz. So I read the prequel. The ending totally got me excited so I decided to read the series. Wow. When I finished it it was like I’d gone to heaven. So much adventures.
The story happens where The Wizard of Oz left off. The main character Amy Gunn, who is also from Kansas ends up in Oz just how Dorothy had. She meets a lot of strange characters and later joins Revolutionary Order of the Wicked to kill Dorothy, hence the title.
I loved all the action parts like Amy going undercover and obviously there a lot of secrets the characters were keeping.
What I didn’t like was the romance part. I thought it would have been better to have it left out.
I still liked the book and now I wish I could go and buy the physical one. Great for my collection 🙂